Frequently Asked Questions
What is automatically farms the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimizes the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.

Smart contracts and audits

The smart contracts have been designed from the ground up with security in mind, by using as many audited components as possible.

Can I deposit directly from my binance exchange account?

Yes, you can make a deposit both from your program wallet and directly from your account on the cryptocurrency exchange. But you can withdraw dividends and your deposit only to the wallet specified during registration. You can't change it, so be careful and check it very thoroughly.

What is the road map for

Yield farming is not going away. Our goal is to simply provide an easy way for people to benefit, and make your hard work much easier, while looking for safe projects to add to the farming repertoire. We plan to add more assets over time. DAO funds can be used to add useful integrations, provide bug bounties and pay for security audits.

How does staking work?

When the minimum balance is met, a node deposits that amount of cryptocurrency into the network as a stake (similar to a security deposit). The size of a stake is directly proportional to the chances of that node being chosen to forge the next block .If the node successfully creates a block, the validator receives a reward, similar to how a miner is rewarded in proof-of-work chains. Validators lose part of their stake if they double-sign or attempt to attack the network